What does a food photographer do?

As the name says, a food photographer creates photos of food. But not just any kind of photos, a skilled food photographer creates images that make their viewers crave the food they are photographing. That sounds easy, but I can guarantee you is not. We have to do this without using the food’s appealing presence, taste, aroma or texture.

With the help of light and technical knowledge we have to create a sensorial experience using just one sense, the vision. That experience is what will make a potential customer want to go to the client’s restaurants or buy the client’s product.

The images we take can be used in online or print media such as websites, menus, food packaging, cookbooks, magazines, social media channels, ads, etc.  

Our responsibility is to plan and execute the photoshoot, edit and deliver the photos, while communicating with the client to make sure we meet their expectations.