I am Jennifer Arce, the face behind Arce Photography. I was born in Colombia and have been living in South Florida since 2018. I moved to the US and married an amazing man, who motivated and convinced me to pursue my passion for photography. I left behind my career as a Pharmacist and began my new life doing what I love: taking photos and telling stories through them.

My photography style can be described as bold, modern and colorful, although I also dabble in black and white photography. My approach is to capture fun, spontaneous, and memorable moments.

Some facts about me:

  • I love sunsets
  • I enjoy listening to podcasts while cooking, cleaning or driving
  • My ideal weekend is spending it as a couch potato reading a good thriller book
  • My favorite music genre is pop, but after moving to the US I have developed a taste for country
  • Exercise and I have always had a difficult relationship
  • I have an irrational fear of Tsunamis and I have no idea why
  • I like and appreciate all genres of photography